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Trail of Skill
Day 1:
"Who drops off a blind woman in a jungle while its hot." I mumble to myself as I am dropped off in the jungle by my Master Keenna Zarash, I opened my eyes to be blinded by the sun. If I am to succeed I must find a way to see at least or I will walk myself off a cliff or into a jungle animal's mouth. As I search for something to shield my eyes from the high jungle sun, I listen for the direction the shuttles leaves, its going North so that is the way I must head, but how to get there if I can't see. I feel around until I find a large leaf that I bundle across my head to shield my eyes from the sun and give me a little bit or sight to see, at least shadows that is. I begin heading north, as I feel the wind blow from the south. As I walk I walk to some nearby trees and rocks with vines and heavy sticks. With some luck I have managed to make a vine whip, a stick spear, a fishing rod, and a sharp dagger from a jagged rock from what I can feel.
I walk a few miles and begin to use list
:iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 0 0
broken hearts
I tried to help, and got shunned away,
I wanted to save you from his game.
Yet he won, and now its true,
He made sure he got the anger from you.
I feel a hole in my heart because I drove us apart.
I wanted to help, that's all I wanted to do,
apparently I guess that was bad to you.
I feel no trust the comes from you,
so I guess I'm not man you wanted me to.
I gave part of me up, and I start to die,
in the darkness where I thrive.
No one will miss me, because no one cares.
About the boy who wallows in despair.
I made that deal to get him away from you,
you said you had a plan but I had one too.
Its not that I didn't know it wouldn't work,
I couldn't take the chance of seeing you hurt.
That trust is gone, and no everyone's mad,
so I'll just leave and everyone will be glad.
You don't need me in your life, i'm nothing but pain.
So I'll go outside and stand in the rain.
Watching others having the time of their life,
and I'll walk my dark road where there is no light.
I'll never be the person
:iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 1 6
Random Choices by TicklishBlackGuy Random Choices :iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 0 1
Ticklish St. Patrick's Day M/F Tickling
"Ugh, I hate driving in rain." I thought to myself. It was around 35 degrees and I'm driving on a rainy St. Patricks Day. I'm lucky though, this drive is gonna be worth it. Today I'm driving this old 2000 Buick to see my sister, Lauren. We've been planning this for months and since I have nothing better to do on St. Patricks Day, I figure why not. Most of everyone is at a bar or pub somewhere drinking to their hearts desires, or in this case just at home.
"Ugh where is this house, its starting to pour and I can't...oh wait here it is." I say pulling up into the drive way. I quickly lock my car, and run up to the door and ring the doorbell. I'm wearing a green sweatshirt, blue jeans, some black and green Nike shoes, along with my brown jacket and hat to cover me. Lauren answers the door and almost pushes me back in the rain with the big hug she gives me. She's wearing grey shirt, blue jeans, and some white socks.
A big smile surrounds her face. "Hi big bro! I'm so glad you could make it
:iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 10 17
Stephen Tickle Chart by TicklishBlackGuy Stephen Tickle Chart :iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 3 34 Stephen Foot Tickle Chart by TicklishBlackGuy Stephen Foot Tickle Chart :iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 3 0
Missing you
You were the rock in the family, the foundation that kept us strong.
How I wish and long for your presence. You kept us together, you held us like glue. No matter what happened you loved us through the tough times and bad, even though I am sad, I can't be mad. Your in a better place even though you have forgotten my face. Christmas, Super Bowl, the 4th of July, these are the times when the family was at their all times highs, as we filled the skies with our laughter and shouts. We were a family, we were a bound, but none that is here now that your gone. One day though, I will see you once again, and tell you stories of my life this time, and we'll go for a ride down memory lane. We are Lanes, we are proud, we are strong and we are loud. Now...we are quiet, there is no more joy, a family separated by strife and lies. I drive pass you almost every day and give a soft smile because one day, we'll watch the Bears, Bulls, and even the Sox too. RIP Granddad Lonnie...I really miss you...
:iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 1 0
So Tired
So tired of the stress, so tired of the pain. So tired of the sadness in my heart, the loneliness in my soul, as I sit here in the cold. The darkness consumes me, it begs to be my friend, it wants me to come with it, but I know where that ends. I’m still fighting this battle of a pain I cannot heal. Hoping some day a light will shine and all will be revealed. Who am I in this world and what is my purpose in life. Will it always be full of sadness? Will I never be happy? Why am I here on this rock we call earth? I’ve asked these questions so many times and have yet to find the answer. I bring joy to others in spite of my own pain. I help others find love, even if I like that person, they don’t see me, they look over me. I’m not a lover, i’m just a helper, a third wheel that sits in outside looking in at a happy couple. They laugh, they joke, they enjoy their life, and I walk off in the distance, angry and jealous, forever zealous because I want what they ha
:iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 4 2
Chicago Bears Birthday Night by TicklishBlackGuy Chicago Bears Birthday Night :iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 1 6 Happy Halloween by TicklishBlackGuy Happy Halloween :iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 1 2 Happy Birthday Lauren by TicklishBlackGuy Happy Birthday Lauren :iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 2 5 Steve the Wizard of Laughter by TicklishBlackGuy Steve the Wizard of Laughter :iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 5 7 Jam Reborn by TicklishBlackGuy Jam Reborn :iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 3 271
My Depression
    Why…why…why do I hurt, why can I not ease this pain? Why am I lonely and sad all the time, why can I not find the confidence others see? Because I am a failure, a person meant to be on this earth alone. Relationships never stay, people always leave, is it because of me?
    Why am I even around, why don’t I die? Why didn’t it work when I was 9? Why am I here, for what purpose do I serve? No one cares what I have to say, no one listens to me anyway. I can talk all I want but no one will listen, I can be the best person but it means nothing to anyone. To be sweet and kind gets you nowhere in life, what’s the point if it only causes strife? I have gotten this far and all I do is fail, I will never amount to my avail. To work odd jobs and barely get by, to be in my room where all I do is cry. To struggle through school and never pass a class, to your parents yell and sometimes make you feel like an ass.
:iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 2 15
Happy Birthday Zyra by TicklishBlackGuy Happy Birthday Zyra :iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 3 3 Mercy by TicklishBlackGuy Mercy :iconticklishblackguy:TicklishBlackGuy 6 5


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a young African American male, who is in the process of writing an awesome book called The DragonKeeper: The Legend Begins. I am young, friend, and caring to those who are my friends and family, and I protect them with my life. I also have a tickle, belly, foot, and small bondage fetish as well. To check out my story you can either view it here or on my tumblr account. You all take care.

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I would like to welcome a very special person to DA! A girl with a poetic tongue and very dear to my heart. Welcome :iconMaishaHatari: she has some great poems I know you all will love and adore!


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